White Male Privilege DeBunked How White Male Terrorist Benefit From It & How We Ignore The Truth

White Male Privilege

How Are Privileged American

Sons Making Us All Less Safe?

“If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm.”

White Male Privilege

Dylann Roof, Timothy McVeigh, Richard Poplawski, James Von Brunn, John Patrick Bedell, Jared Loughner, Byron Williams, and Ted Kaczynski. Read these names one more time. What to they all have in common?

The first commonality is they are all American citizens. The next is that they are all white men. Finally,  they have all waged terrorist attacks against fellow American citizens, residents, and US government officials such as police officers and even a Congresswoman. Oh and they all had “White Male Privilege”.

In fact, if you researched further, you would find that since 2001, an overwhelming majority of US terrorists have been white male American citizens. Between 2001 and 2015, 165 out of 182 terrorists have been white American citizens. There have been 19 terrorist attacks by non-Muslim extremists compared to 7 lethal attacks by Islamic militants since 2001.

Law Enforcement The Problem?

Even more surprising is that law enforcement has know about these trends. A survey of 382 police departments nationwide, revealed that 74% of law enforcement list anti-government right-wing American extremist violence as the biggest threat to public safety.  

So then, I ask you, when you are in line at the bank, checking out at the grocery store, or praying at church, do you look at your fellow white citizens and wonder if he’s going to bomb the place? When you are getting on an airplane, do you look into the cockpit and wonder if the white men flying the plane are going to take it down in the name of freedom?

Of course you don’t, and neither do I, aka white male privilege. This is at the core of the problem with white privilege in America today. Not only do we not know the very real threat of white men who have extremist views, but we are also not taught to find these types of white men suspicious. We are programed to see brown-skinned men and women wearing a head-scarf or speaking in a different language as a threat. But the reality could not be further from that!

Let’s face it, even terrorism has been tainted by white privilege, which makes us all less safe. We can sit here and discuss how the newest Executive Order  against Muslims is unfair to refugees and Muslims, but then we are really missing the whole point of making America safer. Instead of having a dialogue about how we need to stop a Muslim ban, why not shift the collective discourse to how we can keep our children and loved ones safer from WHITE American citizens who are planning terrorist attacks as we speak?

Malcolm X’s Influence On True Freedom

In his speech, “The Ballot or the Bullet,” given in 1964, Malcolm X said, “I don’t believe in fighting on one front, but on all fronts. I’m a Black Nationalist Freedom Fighter and Islam is my religion, but I believe my religion is my personal business, it guides my personal life, my personal morales, my religious philosophy is personal between me and the God in whom I believe.”

Why do we profess to love freedom and personal choice in this nation, but when it comes to a person choosing Islam as her/his religious faith,  we think it is our business to know that they are not only Muslim, but to question their every move? But when it comes to white American citizens who have killed, terrorized, threatened national security, and been a threat to other Americans for decades, the question of religion is a non-entity. In fact, the person’s race, religion, and ethnic background are not even discussed at all, how an that be?

In 1964, Malcolm X said that we need to Black Americans needed to “reeducate” themselves. Well, today, I ask my fellow white Americans if we may consider   a reeducation ourselves?  What if we had a reeducation, to know what politics are really supposed to produce?

White Male Privilege

You may not agree with much of what Malcolm X said or did in the past,  however I beg of you to consider this point: “until we become politically mature, we will always be mislead, led astray, or  deceived into supporting someone who doesn’t have our best interests at heart.  Reeducation to open our people’s eyes to become more politically mature.”

What are we waiting for? The time is now for reeducation and to learn who is really a threat to our national security, our lives, our American way of life. Only WE THE PEOPLE can make America great and a nation that is safe for all its citizens and residents. It’s time we stop allowing other white American extremists terrorize our communities, schools, churches, and our personal lives. It’s time we really call out the elephant in the room, and unite to elect politicians who will prosecute the real terrorists right here at home.

Oh, and one more thing about America’s privileged sons I mentioned at the beginning of this article…they were all CHRISTIANS, but that’s another topic. White Male Privilege Is REAL, and it’s not right. We must come together to find ways to eradicate it, leave a comment below full of solutions.

– :) Phoenix

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