Blessed Azealia Banks Signs New Record Deal & ReJoins Her Original Twitter Account

Azealia Banks

Whats Yours Is Yours

Azealia Banks signs a new record deal after many said she’d ruined her career. Also, the powers that be allowed her old twitter account to return; @AzealiaBanks. It looks like 2017 is going to be the year for the Cocoa Rap Goddess. We reported last year she’d signed with RZA, but that fell through.

Last year Azealia Banks released “Slay-Z” one of the dopest mixtapes of the year. Fans all over the world were excited to download the free mixtape, but weren’t satisfied enough because of how good it was, fans needed more. In the coming months Azealia plans to release new music, and we’re ready.

Yes, Azealia Banks is extremely outspoken, wiccaned, disrespectful at times, intelligent, super-talented, and exceptional, none of this excuses her bad behavior, but the important things are undeniable. Azealia Banks is one of the greatest rappers of all time. My prayer is that Azealia understands her blessings and treats them with extreme respect moving forward, blocking blessings is the worst thing for anyone.

Azealia Banks Twitter Announcement;

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