A Letter To Dr. King: How A Passionate Latin, Irish, African American Man Honors Black History’s Influence

Dr. King
26 May 1966 — Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

A Passionate Thankyou

Dear Reverend Dr. King,

I’m sorry that we have so much hate in our hearts towards one another. I’m sorry that the color of our skin dictates our legislation, our interactions, and our politics. I’m sorry that we are missing that piece of ourselves in our hearts what you’ve been voicing all along. I’m sorry that we humiliate one another and ridicule one another for our beliefs, religions, orientations, creeds, dialects, economics and colors.

It has been a pleasure reading about you in history books. It has been an equal pleasure watching you in short films, standing on the steps of Washington projecting words or wisdom, love and peace. I know that if you were still with us, you’d be upset by the state of our union and deeply troubled by the lack of compassion that still eats away at us. I’m sorry that there is inequality. I’m sorry that we kill each other. I’m sorry for all the horrible acts of violence we commit towards one another. Your words did not fall on deaf ears. Your message was loud and clear. I hope to have the same passion for the human spirit someday as you did. Thank you for fighting for not only my rights, but the rights of all those who’ve been neglected, disheartened and turned away by cruelty and abuse.

Your leadership surmounts all. Your doctrines continue to influence me and those I surround myself with. They’ve inspired me to be who I’ve become today, a young man with an ambition and drive for the love and unity of all People. Although freedom continues to ring, people have gotten used to that sound and need to be reminded of it again.

No sequence of words can express the appreciation and gratitude that I have for you. May your words continue to live long, and that your spirit clings to our hearts steadfastly.

RIP Revered Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Yours truly, in the highest possible regard,

Christopher, nurturer of the human spirit.

Thank you.

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