Watch Dr. Michael Eric Dyson Destroy The Myth: “Whites Are Smarter/Better” A Deeper Look At White Privilege

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson


Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, author, college professor, hiphop aficionado, and graduate of the streets sits with The Breakfast Club to discuss his New York Times Best Selling Book; “Tears We Cannot Stop”. During the interview, Michael spoke passionately about the Beyonce, and Adele Grammy moment, which lead to a profound discovery of white privilege, an aspect seldom discussed.

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson is not one to pinch his words, his eloquent delivery will leave you stunned. If you’re not focused his masterfully rhythmic way of speaking will lead you deep into imagery, like a movie within your eyes, and you will miss a few points. Thank God for the rewind!

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson On The Cost Of White Privilege;

“The White Privilege You Enjoy Exists At The Expense Of Somebody Else Being Denied…”

We often speak of white privilege as an inherit subconscious experience that once aware can be used to advance a white person’s life. Rarely do we speak of what that actually means for everyone else — people of colour. It means, the more privilege you take, the more you take away from someone else. It also means your privilege only exists because another’s don’t.

If people of colour had the same opportunities from the beginning of American civilization, how do you think the structure of this great nation would be? Would Ivy League schools be disproportionately white? Would we know more Presidents of Colour? The answer is yes! Why? Simply put, white people are not better, they are not smarter, they are not superior than people of colour. We are all more alike than we are different, we are equal. For every unintelligent white person, you can find the same amount of unintelligent people of colour.

“White Privilege Exists Only Because, White People Didn’t Have To Compete With The BEST Of Their Genre”

Are you the best if you haven’t competed against the best? In a room full of idiots a genius is superior. ..until they acquire the same knowledge as he. This is what Dr. Michael Eric Dyson spoke passionately about during The Breakfast Club Interview, a point you probably missed, but should pay attention to. Let it seep into your soul, and live there.

“Think About It..Babe Ruth Didn’t Compete Against The Greatest Ball Players….He Competed Against The Greatest WHITE Ball Players…”

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