Oprah For President 2020? “I Thought I Didn’t Know Enough…Now I’m Thinking Oh”

Oprah For President

I’ve already voted for Oprah and its not even 2020 yet! In an interview on Bloomberg tv Oprah was asked about running for president. The audience, you could almost hear them breathe at the same time in hopes she would say yes, but what she said made us all feel hopeful. Oprah for 2020 has given us more hope than trumps entire presidential coup.

“I thought, ‘I don’t have the experience, I don’t know enough…Now I’m thinking, Oh, oh.”

Everyone in Amerikkka would vote for Oprah Winfrey if she really ran for president in 2020. Racist, prejudice people, non people of colour, people of colour, even foreign people who can’t even vote would vote! Ha! Why did this little clip give me so much energy?

Even though I wouldn’t want Oprah to run and actually be in office because I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, I would be so happy if she felt she could handle the pressure and did it! Her diplomacy alone is one of the most amazing things about her, not only that, but she’s smart, educated, and experienced in giving the people what they need. Trust me, if Oprah ran, no one would run against her, and if they did, they’d lose by a terrrrrible land slide!

Oprah Winfrey would be a great President;


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