Tiara Marei Covers TheBLACKMedia Talks Being A Black Fashion Photographer, New Studio & More

Southern Fashion Photography

Tiara Marei is The Definition Of Dope, a Black Fashion Photographer who just so happens to be a woman, knocking down doors and existing in an industry that does not reflect her. Tiara, a brave soul traveled from Texas to NYC and now to Atlanta moving in on January 1st 2017 to open her studio. Not only is this her first studio, it’s her first everything, having never done this before on her own, Tiara is a force!

“You Have To Kinda Balance Staying True To Who You Are, But Also Appealing To A Different Market”

Knowing only but one person in Atlanta, Tiara bravely left New York City to embark on a journey, to be a self employed photographer. A businesswoman with Tiara Marei Studios as her moniker just days after moving in she booked several jobs and TheBLACKMedia got to shadow her on her first. In the interview and “Day In The Life Of Tiara Marei” TheBLACKMedia journals Tiara’s ability to create.


TheBLACKMedia Cover Star Tiara Marei Photography © Tahir Coleman Register

Tiara Marei Loft Studio

“I Remember Interning And Assisting On Set Of Different Productions Like VOGUE And Harpers Bizarre And Seeing That I Am The ONLY Black Person — If Not The Only Black Person, Then The Only Black Woman”

Not only is Tiara a photographer, but she’s also a creative director, and videographer. With majestic visuals of models captured like million dollar ads, Tiara is not afraid to show you she can do it all! She can direct, capture, edit, set up the lighting, photograph, and market quality products for any client. She Is!

Bringing High Fashion Photography To Atlanta:

“I Want To Prove That Fashion Does Not ONLY Exist In New York Or Paris — People Feel Like They Have To Leave The South…But There’s So Much Quality That Is In The South”

TheBLACKMedia Cover Star Tiara Marei Photography © Tahir Coleman Register

Tiara Marei plans to stay in Atlanta using the talent in Atlanta at different boutiques, designers, and fashion enthusiast to show the world just how forward moving southern fashion is. By tying together the idea that location doesn’t really matter, being dope does. If you’re dope, then Tiara will work with you.

@Tiara_Marei — Instagram. Where Dope Lives. The Definition Of Dope! TiaraMarei.com

Tiara Marei Full Spread:

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