Watch Kelly Rowland’s Girl Group JUNES DIARY SLAY “Stay” By Jodeci A Dope Cover Video



R&B Girl Group formed by Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson during the B.E.T Event Chasing Destiny, finally released another music video/record. “L.A.N.C.E”, their debut single was well received with over 1 million streams, but fans longed for more, and now they can find comfort in the debut mixtape Junes Diary will be releasing this year of old school R&B songs.

After a year of promoting LANCE, touring with R Kelly and enjoying their space signed to L.A Reid’s EPIC Records, the quintet finally released another visual. “Stay” originally recorded by R&B supergroup Jodeci, was a hit record and a record that many girl/boy groups forming would often sing to be recognized. These girls put a sassy, cool spin on it and made us love it all over again, which is hard to do.

Kelly Rowland Presents JUNES DIARY STAY;

Showing us their growth after one year, this music video is classic. A classic Derek Blanks visual. It’s a simple video allowing the listeners to focus on the vocals and the harmonies while exhibiting the beauty, unity, and soul of the group. It’s an excellent cover!

“In between shows, they are in the studio recording their debut album and are planning a listening party where fans can help them choose songs for the album.”

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