New York The First State With FREE TUITION For The Middle Class 2 & 4 Year Colleges/Universities

New York

New York Steps Up

New York State now offers free tuition for two year and four year colleges and universities. New York is the first state to do so, while other states have offered free tuition for two year schools (community colleges) New York is the first to offer it for all colleges, but with contingencies of course.

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo announced at the top of 2017 [see video below] his plans, and Saturday April 8th the state agreed to add this proposal to the states budget, thus allowing free tuition. Even though tuition will be free, room and board, and food expenses will not be. The tuition plan will be offered to qualifying students under the Excelsior Scholarship.


Families staying living in New York, starting this fall 2017 [September] will be eligible for free tuition if they do not make over 100,000 dollars.  In 2018 that number will increase to 110,000, and 125,000 in 2019.

Tuition is averaged at around $6,400 at four year colleges in New York, and about $4,300 at community schools. That’s approximately $51,000 students will save at four year colleges, and about $17,200 at community schools.

Part time students will not be eligible for this scholarship, which some are upset about, but with tuition costs being cut, maybe part time students will be able to afford to school full time. The downfall for this scholarship is that once you receive it, you must stay, live, and work in New York for the amount of time your scholarship ran. If you decide to leave New York, your free tuition will convert into a loan. Aka, read the fine print, nothing is ever truly free.

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