Watch La’Porsha Renae Perform Her New Single “Good Woman” In A Dope Silver Fro

La'Porsha Renae


La’Porsha Renae, American Idol’s final runner up, released her new single “Good Woman” and performed it live on The Real debuting her new silver epic fro! If you’re interested in powerful female power, La’Porsha Renae is it. Making bold statements in music, and in her fashion choices, she is the new age soul music.

La’Porsha Renae’s album debuted titled; “Already, All Ready” debuted on Billboard 200 placing La’Porsha in a rising category for the who’s next, of who’s next. The album is produced b Ne-Yo who is the current VP of A&R there. With Ne-Yo’s influences, MJ, and the MoTown sound, La’Porsha is in perfect hands!

La’Porsha Renae Good Woman LIVE:

In an amazing performance, La’Porsha stood grounded and delivered the powerhouse vocals we know her for. The audience was screaming, and shouting all in agreement with what La’Porsha sung about. Letting men know, aye, you’ve had a good woman!

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