How Cynthia EriVo Is One Oscar Away From An EGOT After Winning Her First Emmy!

Cynthia EriVo

E G _ T!!

April 28th 2017 the Daytime Emmy award winners were announced. Among the lucky few was the Today’s Show performance of The Color Purple on Broadway, which included Queen Cynthia EriVo. For an outstanding performance, the producers, and the performers received a Daytime Emmy, bringing Cynthia EriVo closer to the coveted EGOT, family.

The EGOT in entertainment is like the G.O.A.T in hiphop, it’s the who’s who of award winners who’ve, by sheer talent, have won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony. Emmy’s are awarded to the television industry, grammy’s to the music industry, oscar’s to the film industry, and tony’s to the theatre industry. Of the 12 winners of the EGOT, only one of them is Black, Whoopi Goldberg!

Cynthia EriVo & The EGOT Black History:

The few (12) who’ve won all four compared to the thousands of actors in the industry are viewed as an elite bunch. Unfortunately due to racism, prejudice and unequal opportunity, Afrikan American’s are yet again under represented in this mix. While awards mean absolutely nothing, the idea of bringing hope, and getting what you deserve, does, and many Black Entertainers seldom receive that.

Cynthia EriVo, having won a Grammy for The Color Purple Best Musical, a Tony for Best Actress, and now the Emmy,  joins: Viola Davis, Harry Belafonte, James Earl Jones, Quincy Jones, Audra McDonald and Lin-Manuel Miranda as the few people of colour/Afrikan American’s who are one award away from receiving this title. Considering the UK born talent, and ability, an Oscar is not unachievable, not for this Queen or the one’s listed. SB: If you’re a news site or blog reading this, gone head and copy and paste this to your websites, I understand doing research can be annoying, 🙂

Oprah Congratulates Cynthia EriVo:

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