Countdown: Janet Jackson Posts A Clock On Her Website & Fans Are Losing it

Janet Jackson


April 28th 2017 Janet Jackson posted a mysterious count down on her official website and it has the internet going crazy! After much speculation about a divorce between her and husband Wissam, this countdown comes at an optimal time. What is the countdown for? What is going to happen in Two days?

The countdown appears to be set as an announcement scheduled for May 1st 9pm. Considering Janet Jackson canceled her tour to have baby Eissa, now that she has, is the countdown a tour announcement? Janet Jackson is well known for her snap back and up and down weight, while having a baby is different from gaining a few pounds, Janet has a great team around her that’ll ensure optimal health.

Janet Jackson CountDown & Reactions:

The website has fans sowed up and confused. We all want answers, but we are all also happy for what may be. What do you think the countdown will bring? A new album? Tour? Janet moving back to The States?



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