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Owning Her DREAM!

Ayanna. is The Definition Of Dope, an actress, singer-songwriter, and ex-pageant winner. Ayanna is a sweet soul with a powerful voice who through growth and realization has figured out the secret to success.

“It’s All On YOU Baby Boo.”

A native of Atlanta, in rare form, Ayanna. has dedicated her life to music, performance, and entertainment. As a graduate of Atlanta’s premier performing arts school, Ayanna braved the world by letting her talent speak for itself. Where Ayanna failed, she gained, and today she’s better for it. Instead of allowing surrounding parties to control her career, she now understands how special she truly is. Wanting to break away from her pageant life, Ayanna took a different physical approach this time around.


“For a long time I made the mistake of thinking that just one opportunity was just gonna take me outta here, I was just waiting on that one person to just change my life, that one chance to change my life, but its not about the chance or that person or that opportunity, it’s all on you, it’s all on you baby boo.”

Ayanna. Chasing Destiny & Kelly Rowland:

With a sweet upper register, and a powerful belt Ayanna is someone you should fear singing next to on the stage! Her voice is so powerful it can blow you away if you’re not careful. Having auditioned for Kelly Rowland’s Chasing Destiny, Ayanna reveals it affirmed her plight in the music industry. Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson both took a liking to Ayanna and after over 300 girls auditioned she was 1 of 20 left in the finals. Even though she did not make the group, it was Kelly who said Ayanna is better suited to be a solo star that gave Ayanna what she needed to continue, but even harder on her way to the top!

Ayanna The Sweet Powerful:

Last year Ayanna released a buzz single titled “J.O.H.N” and over 8,000 plays later, fans of hers sending videos of them singing it in their cars, Ayanna is just months away from releasing her debut EP. A labor of love, Ayanna is pushing everyone around her to get it done, something in the past she wouldn’t do.

Ayanna is the one to watch, beauty, brains, and true talent, it’s no wonder she’s @AyannaOfficial because it just doesn’t get any more official than this. A true Definition Of Dope!

Ayanna. Full Spread:

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