“Baby Boy 2” Tyrese Confirms Baby Boy Sequel Written/Directed By John Singleton

Baby Boy 2


Tyrese took to Instagram to announce “Baby Boy” the sequel [Baby Boy 2] is underway. “Baby Boy” was Tyrese’s debut film, as well as Taraji P. Henson. The original writer/director John Singleton has signed on to create this sequel.

No word yet on if Taraji and the original cast will return, however this film became a cult classic, or as many like to call it a “hood classic”, and millions are wanting the original cast to return. After much success with Taraji in EMPIRE, and Tyrese in “Star” and the Fast and the furious series, “Baby Boy 2” could be a huge success.

Baby Boy 2 Tyrese Announcement:

Even though the film industry is over doing “re-do’s, sequels, and reimagining’s” a “Baby Boy 2”, which super fans have been asking for, for years, would be perfect! Fans needed closer from that film, after the coming of age story ended on a high note, the what else is what fans need. It’s been 16 years since the film was released in 2001, now is the time.

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