Legend Patti LaBelle Releases “Bell Hommage” First Ever Jazz Album This May

Patti LaBelle

The Queen Goes Jazz

Patti LaBelle surprises fans with her debut jazz album titled “Bell Hommage”, which is available for pre-order on Amazon ahead of its May 5th release. Fans had no idea, and many of them were pleasantly surprised, and ready for it.

Considering Patti LaBelle is one of the few living legends left, one would think after over 10 albums one of them would’ve been Jazz, but this is her first! The jazz album “Bell Hommage” will feature some of Patti’s favorite standards. Standards are worldly popular music that’s used in most singers repertoire.

Patti LaBelle

Patti LaBelle Bel Hommage

Track List & A Word From Patti:

“I’ve been saying for years that I was going to record a jazz album, but I hadn’t taken that leap of faith to try something different…My very first jazz album #BelHommage will be available everywhere on May 5th, but you can pre-order an autographed copy from Newbury Comics right now! I really hope you like it!”

There aren’t many Legends living, and while they are on Earth we should honor them. Who doesn’t love Patti? Who doesn’t love a soothing jazz record? This is gold for her, and one for her discography. Knowing Patti she’s jazzed up the already jazzed records. What’s your favorite standard?

Track List:

  1. The Jazz In You
  2. Wild Is The Wind
  3. Moanin
  4. Till I Get It Right
  5. Moody’s Mood
  6. Softly As I Leave You
  7. Peel Me A Grape
  8. Don’t Explain
  9. I Can Cook
  10. Folks On The Hill
  11. Go To Hell
  12. Sold For Old Lovers
  13. Here’s To Life

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