HISTORIC: Kendrick Lamar Album “DAMN” First Album In 2017 To Go Platinum

Kendrick Lamar


Kendrick Lamar’s album “DAMN” goes platinum! The first album released in 2017 to go platinum in 2017! Kendrick released this album only a few weeks ago on April 14th, it hasn’t even been a month yet! A critically acclaimed album, one of the most prolific rap albums in the history of hip hop, Kendrick is on his way to becoming a legend in rap.

His singles, “Humble”, and “DNA” have blown up the streaming services and started conversation on life, realism, love and accepting. Hiphop is supposed to spark those kinds of conversations, seldom is this the case, and Kendrick Lamar is hit the nail on the coffin with this one.


“DAMN” is a perfect hiphop album. Most albums that are released you can’t play them straight through. After living with this album for a week, I find nothing, and I do mean nothing wrong with it. Every single song is a hit, it’s a perfect hip hop album.

Creating conscience music that is commercial is extremely difficult, but somehow Kendrick Lamar has achieved it. While each track is not all about societal needs, the jist of DAMN is a woke revelation, but one you can absolutely turn up to.

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