Rap Legend MC Lyte Gets Engaged; “I Met My Fiancé Online”

MC Lyte


MC Lyte announces she is engaged. At 46 years old the rap legend who is the first female rapper in the history of music to release a full rap album is now engaged. One of the pioneers of hiphop MC Lyte has inspired women for years to boss up and gain independence. It was her independence that lead her to meet John, her now fiancé online!

Notoriously private, for years millions have speculated reasons why she was never married or had children. In Lyte’s book Your Man and Your Money she exclaims what it means to give yourself time to have what you want. After being single for years, Lyte has found love, and his name is John. Waiting is ok, no matter what age, love is there for you.


MC Lyte is not just a rapper. Lyte is a philanthropist with Hip Hop Sisters Foundation which gives 100,000 dollars to students going to college since inception. MC Lyte is a recognizable voice in voice over acting, and she’s a renowned DJ. Now that MC Lyte is opening up about her personal life, being engaged, it’s only a matter of time before her legacy continues, if you know what I mean.

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