TrumpCare: Republicans Appeal ObamaCare & Millions Are Afraid They’ll Lose HealthCare



The Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) has been repealed by the republicans and now the bill, which has been dismantled, and destroyed, heads to the Senate. Once at the Senate, it’s up to the Senate to pass the bill and trump says he’s confident they will.

ObamaCare afforded millions of Americans healthcare who without it wouldn’t have any. Healthcare should be free and or cheap for human beings, however in Amerikkka it’s one of the most expensive things in the world. Basically if you’re poor, you will die if you can’t afford to go to the hospital. Republicans believe the latter should happen.


Essentially trumpcare is Obamacare fixed for the rich. It uses the layout from the Affordable Care Act, and changes the scheme which doesn’t include those who can’t afford healthcare. In detail trumpcare, which could be passed by the Senate could ruin these important features for those on Obamacare today:

Repeal cost-sharing subsidies to lower deductibles and co-pays. The bill would kill the additional help that individuals earning less than roughly $30,000 a year receive to cover their out-of-pocket costs. More than half of the enrollees on the Obamacare exchanges receive these subsidies. This provision would take effect in 2020.

Loosen the age-band so insurers can charge older folks more. Under Obamacare, insurers could only charge older enrollees three times more than younger policy holders. The GOP bill would widen that band to five-to-one, which would hike premiums for those in their 50s and early 60s, but reduce them for younger folks. States would also be allowed to seek waivers to allow insurers to charge older consumers even more than five times younger ones.

Revamp Medicaid funding. [A federal funding block grant where states get a fixed amount of money, which] will shift that burden to the states. However, since states don’t have the money to make up the difference, they would likely either reduce eligibility, curtail benefits or cut provider payments. The block grant would be more restrictive since the funding level would not adjust for increases in enrollment, which often happens in bad economic times.

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What It All Means:

If this bill gets passed by the Senate it means the 1 percent of Amerikkka will continue to build their wealth which was earned through slave labor, and save money. Meanwhile the poor, and the poorer, will be left without programs to help them, and left in extreme debt because of the lack of assistance from insurance companies. It means Black and Brown kids, young adults, and elders will suffer if they don’t have insurance, and eventually die. Ultimately the Republicans are happy about this. Ask yourself why.

Update: 5.5.17

The Senate, on Thursday May 4th said they will not vote on the House-passed bill [see above]. Though this is what we ultimately wanted, it is not a win for us as the Senate says they will be drafting their own version of the bill. The Senate says they will try to consider the House’s bill, but will ultimately “fix” Obamacare to what they believe it should be. The Senate is comprised of Republicans, republicans who ultimately can’t change Obamacare, but could still very well take away things the country as a whole needs.

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