Watch Kelly Rowland Tear Up Speaking About Her Son “I Want To Raise A Great Man”

Kelly Rowland


Kelly Rowland stops by the legendary Larry King show to discuss her new book. During the interview Larry asked about what Kelly wanted for her son, it was then Kelly teared up. The topic of fear came to mind. When you’re a Black woman raising a Black son with a Black father what it means to be a young Black man in Amerikkka can spark fear. A different kind of fear.

Kelly Rowland candidly opened up about what she wanted for her son, and two words in she started to tear up. Viewing this, you could see the fear, the hope, and the need Kelly had on her face for her son’s future. It is beautiful.

Kelly Rowland On Larry King:


Raising a Black son is a different kind of fear because society, and systematic oppression is set up for Black men to fail. Black men are the number one target in white supremacy and profiling that leads millions to believe we are savage. Black men will deal with almost 50 percent more issues than women when it comes to criminalization, a fact that is almost always looked over.

 Criminalizing Black men, which to many seems like something simple, something you can just brush over or look over, truly negatively affects Black man and influences character choices. Black men are often seen angry, not smiling or laughing, or hard. While the latter may be true, there are reasons for everything. Most men of colour feel the need to protect, anger, rage, and heart hardening happens when you’re always on the defense.

Women like Kelly Rowland understand this. Kelly’s husband informed her, and other Black men in her life as well, which I believe is the reason she teared up during this interview brining a national issue in part to the forefront. We need to speak more on this, comment and let me know if you agree.

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