Light My Body Up Featuring Nicki Minaj Proves Nicki Can Sing!

Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj is featured in David Guetta’s Light My Body Up along with Lil Wayne. Knowing David Guetta, a DJ and producer, the song is basically Nicki’s featuring Lil Wayne as David doesn’t sing or rap. During the song after Nicki spits some of her dopest lyrics, she begins to sing.

Singing is not new to Nicki Minaj, however this type of singing is. Normally Nicki sings in most of her pop records. Pop songs cause for a higher frequency and ultimately a higher key. Nicki Minaj, who once auditioned for vocal at Laguardia High School, but was sick on the day and ultimately made it for acting and not singing, usually sings in a higher key than her voice calls for.

Nicki Minaj Singing & Light My Body Up

As a trained vocalist with over 15 years of experience in voice, I find I am qualified to say, Nicki Minaj has never really found her key, that is until this song. Light My Body Up which features mostly vocals from Nicki Minaj, is the first time a producer has placed Nicki in her correct key/pitch, and her tone is finally actualized in this song.

What’s even more exciting is there is less vocal spoils on the track. Very little tuning, very little vocal FX, and you can hear Nicki actually singing, proving, for the naysayers, she can actually sing. Nicki Minaj may not be Whitney Houston, but no one is, Nicki can actually sing, but don’t believe me just watch.

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