Regret In Your Tears Video Break Down Nicki Minaj’s Most Interpretive Video


Nicki Minaj finally released “Regret In Your Tears” via Vevo after it’s Tidal exclusive release. Fans who do not own a TIDAL subscription were more than happen to finally see the interpretive piece. While Nicki Minaj is known for being theatrical, this piece is harder to break down than most.

Nicki Minaj released the song after the break up of she and rapper Meek Mill. The lyrics to the song leave us to believe they could be inspired by the breakup or maybe even lingering feelings from her over 10 year relationship with SB.

Regret In Your Tears Video Break Down:

“Regret in your tears, ‘know you taste them. Cause’ you know I don’t chase I replace them. Don’t rush, take time, take some, I just wanted memories tried to make some with you, now I gotta erase some with you”

Initially you assume lady in the water as the video opens. Considering the title of the song, the mind wanders and thinks, maybe the white gown indicates Nicki at her most vulnerable, purist point, surrounded by water, by tears.


As the video progresses we are introduced to the love interest and Nicki in the floating bed (possibly floating in said tears) with Nicki entrapped in a roped piece. This is a clear indication of “once trapped, or together, now free” as you see her in and out of the roped negligee. We also see Nicki with her entire body covered in water, except her face which could indicate she was once drowning with him.

Floating in the water as Nicki is sitting atop the spoiled car are creatures who’ve also drowned in tears. This indicates the sunken place where people who’ve had regrets, based on their wrong doings, live. Here they try to reach Nicki, the Nicki that’s pure, and innocent.


As the video ends you see Nicki in strength unafraid of the creatures swimming with them, but staying secluded as well. The ending interpretive dance indicates some form of reversal which could symbolize erasing what was.


Knowing Nicki Minaj has a vast imagination, my interpretation of this video could be absolutely off, however, I believe art is supposed to allow others to get what they wish out of it. If you have a greater interpretation or if you agree or disagree, leave a comment, let’s see if we can further understand this…Together!

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