How Nicki Minaj Gave Random College Fans Over $20,000 To Help Them Pay For Expenses

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Gives

May 7th around 1am Nicki Minaj gave over 20,000 dollars to random twitter fans who asked. That’s right, if you asked Nicki for money, she gave it. With a simple, “of course” or “DM me” your dream of having your loans paid off could’ve came true!

Nicki Minaj took to twitter to promote the mysterious #NickiBBMAs hashtag and photo and fans entering a contest to win, what seems to be an all expense paid trip to the Billboard Music Awards on Nicki. The way you enter is through the Musically App and if she retweets you, you’re in the running to win.

Nicki Minaj Giving Over 20,000 Dollars:

During this contest Nicki Minaj was asked, after letting everyone know; “And YES! All countries are included. Ya muva makes enough money to fly members of out from ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!!”, if she could pay their tuition. See tweet below:

Well, Nicki looks like she’s keeping her word. Once word got out for this contest, thousands of fans started tweeting, and Nicki wasn’t playing. After a quick tally TheBLACKMedia estimated over 20,000 dollars of “yes, of course, and DM me” were accepted by Nicki Minaj. After verifying if these people are eligible for the gift, Nicki is set to pay.

If Nicki Minaj follows through, which, TheBLACKMedia believes she absolutely will, this will be a beautiful sign of charity from the Rap Queen. Just think in a few months, based on Nicki Minaj, this could be you accepting funds from Nicki Minaj, Nicki The Barbie, Nicki Lewinsky, Nicki The Ninja, #NickiTuition (coined by TheBLACKMedia).

Considering my birthday is tomorrow (May 8th) and I have this 60,000 dollar loan from college knocking at my door, and Im a Black man running a Black owned Media outlet that does not promote rumors, gossip, or negativity like most do, I’d love for a donation of 100k to pay those loans off and put the rest into this business of mine. A man can dream….

Nicki Minaj Came Through:

Nicki Minaj Kept Her Word. She Started To Give Those Who Checked Out…MONEY!

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers

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