Why Dove’s Body Matching Bottles Are Slightly Offensive With Good Intent


Great Intention Tho…

Dove UK released a campaign and redesign of Dove’s bottle. The bottle now “matches” the shape and size of the diverse bodies the world. While the company had great intentions, I do believe this bottle design is slightly offensive. Twitter users are not particularly happy about the new designs, and we understand why.

Although the designs are not so great, the intention is amazing! The company has been expanding their definition of diversity. Dove has been the cornerstone of different shape and sizes for softer smoother skin, and the world loves them for that. In an attempt to physicalize their diversity, they fell short.

Dove Matching Body Bottle Design:

Over 10 years Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign has been an elite force in the skin care industry. DoveUK’s “Real Beauty Bottles” while only a limited run, isn’t exactly as unifying as it was intended. Women being their number one demographic, women have been complaining that the bottles are not exactly shaped like many women.

Not all women love their body, and having a bottle to remind them of what it may be, is not exactly progressive. Considering not every woman, even though Dove’s campaign has helped millions love themselves, loves themselves picking up a bottle that’s supposed to be “your shape” is slightly offensive, especially since the shapes aren’t exactly shapely, like a woman.


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