Watching Zendaya Lip Syncing “Tyrone” By Erykah Badu Will Give You LIFE!



Zendaya recently joined the Lip-Sync battle team. The Disney channel star took the stage and owned it with a Burno Mars hit record, and an Erykah Badu legendary record. It was when she performed “Tyrone” that the audience lost their minds.

Zendaya, being only 20 years old, absolutely smashed her performance of “Tryone” by Erykah Badu. The song was released in 1997, Zendaya was born in 1996, a testimony to how great music inspires for many years, through many generations.

Zendaya & Erykah Badu “Tryone”

Lip Sync battle cast members don’t always remember all of the words, or come in on time, but Zendaya was so comfortable singing a song, based on years, she shouldn’t even know the words to. Zendaya is an artist, inspired by old school music, Neo-Soul and mid 90s records, so it’s no surprise that she knew the lyrics, however, it’s still amazing!

Erykah Spreading Love:

Go Awf Daya! It’s important our youth continues to show the shoulders they stand on. Erykah Badu has just be reintroduced to millions of people who may have forgotten about her, or never knew about her. That’s how tis done!

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