Watch Dawn Richard’s “Lazarus Under Lights” 3D Video Pioneering A New Age Visual

Dawn Richard


Dawn Richard also known as D∆WN, released a new visual for her songs “Lazarus” and “Love Under Lights”, which she’s titled “Lazarus Under Lights”. Known for her compilation videos, D∆WN has taken this particular visual to the next level.

D∆WN being one of the first artist to perform on a 360 live stage, is not new to innovative evolutionary technology in music. Being one of the lead Black Female EDM artist, D∆WN has no one keeping her in a box, and “Lazarus Under Lights” is exactly that.

Dawn Richard Lazarus Under Lights: Watch Video Here

Lazarus Under Lights features a stripped down D∆WN dancing in a beautifully lit room in a very 80s styled outfit. Dawn gave us what we needed, power, dance, beauty, and innovation. The video also features a bit of tap dancing, which is not unusual as she comes from a entertainment family, her mother owned a dance studio, and her father is a musician. The music video is next level, and no one is doing it like she is. Here’s what she had to say about it.

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