Listen To “HIGH” By Ledisi A Soul Current That Bangs


She Is Back!

Ledisi, the critically acclaimed grammy nominated R&B songstress is back with “HIGH” a new single. In 2014 she released “The Truth” which spawned hit singles and grammy nominations like; “I Blame You” and “Like This”. Now after three years she is back with a new soul bop!

Sticking with the sound of today, meshed with the classic soul we’ve come to love her for Ledisi has managed to create a new bop. “HIGH” has that trap vibe, added with the horns and keyboard synth and that over used, but catchy vocal cadence, HIGH is lit.


The song is about love, which is not new for Ledisi, but the vibe is different. The song is released a few weeks before she’s on tour with Maxwell, which is a great way to get fans even more excited. This is a performance track. Being the stage diva she is, Ledisi will give a show with this record, you can hear it in the beat and the tude she gives.

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