Former NFL Player Myron Rolle Becomes Harvard Neurosurgeon

Myron Rolle


Myron Rolle, former NFL Tennessee Titan, and Pittsburg Steeler recently graduated from Florida State University of Medicine. In 2013 the budding NFL’er announced he’d be leaving the NFL to pursue medical school. Being a Rhodes scholarship recipient, and an Oxford MSc holder in Medical Anthropology, it’s no surprise Myron wanted to leave the NFL.

Myron Rolle took to Instagram to announce his achievement;

“Been waiting on this moment since the 5th grade. To be Dr. Myron Rolle. Glad it came today! #MedSchoolGraduation#MGHNeurosurgeryNext

Black Men In Sports & Dr. Myron Rolle:

Too often the Afrikan American community is set up through marketing, scouting, brain washing, and hopelessness to feel sports is the only way “out”. Many of the athletes today who’ve come from broken homes, rough living, or urban living often inspire many more in “the hood” to leave, by means of sports. This is the rhetoric that often keeps Black Men caged. Why? It’s a dead end. Most people will never be in the NFL, or the NBA, however, the way the system is set up, it’s often sports, or the streets.

Dr. Myron Rolle’s journey to becoming a Neurosurgeon after being drafted into the NFL is a story that is seldom told. It’s a beautiful change of pace for the young Black boys living in urban areas looking up to sports stars. While Myron was no star, at 30 years old now working at Harvard’s affiliate school training as a Neurosurgeon at Mass Gen Hospital makes him a new star. A star that says, hey kids, you too can work on brains and change lives, vs play sports its you’re only way out the hood.


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