Only Missy Elliott Could Bring Lil Kim, Eve & Trina Together “Im Better Remix”

Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott Can!

Leave it to rap legend Missy Elliott to gather some of hiphop’s biggest names for a remix. Eve, Lil Kim, and Trina join “Im Better” remixing Missy Elliott’s 2017 debut record. That nostalgic feeling of yesterday you once felt when our rap Queens and Kings would join forces for an ill collaboration, just happened with this record!

Even though the people of have been wanting this for a while, and not getting it, this record makes up for the wait. While most artist stop at remixes, I hope Missy gathers the girls together to recreate a music video featuring them all! Wouldn’t that be epic?!

Missy Elliott “Im Better Remix:

The remix starts off with Lil Kim, but why wouldn’t it? The Queen Bee gets a double take and opens with a spicy punch line. After the Queen, the baddest of them all hits the record with that good ol Trina flavor. Ending the record is my PA Queen Eve who’s so bossy and so ill she can do no wrong. This was perfect timing. Considering what just happened in Manchester, TheBLACKMedia sends our prayers, hopefully this record will help lift someone.

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