LHHATL Star Tammy Rivera Scores #1 Hit Record “All These Kisses” On iTunes

Tammy Rivera


Tammy Rivera, the love and hip hop break out star is letting the world know she’s more than her curves, and more than just Wacka Flocka’s wife, she’s a star! The singer-songwriter has shown her powerful voice via social media before. True fans already knew she possessed the gift.

Coming into her own, Tammy Rivera decided to discount what naysayers may think, and she decided to follow her dreams. The Rico Love produced record “All These Tears” features Tammy giving us passionate vocals over a dope beat. What more could you ask for?


The record was a surprise to many of us, but to Tammy’s over 5 million social media fans, they’ve been waiting. Unlike most reality stars who decide to release records, this Queen did, and it’s of quality, and her fans actually showed up!

The now charted singer has placed number 10 via iTunes General top songs, and number 1 on the R&B charts which could indicate Tammy is headed to breakout on Billboard! Just 13 hours after the record was released fans started uploading videos, her chart position continues to climb, and the song is actually really damn good!


“….lay down and let me cover you with all these kisses…baby you’re worry free in this bed, let me cover you with all these kisses…”


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