How Lawrence Dandridge Heads To Broadway With “Something Like A Fairy Tale”

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24 year old Lawrence Dandridge gears his musical “Something Like A Fairytale” for Broadway, and according to critics, he has a shot! Written in 2009, Dandridge had a dream and is not allowing anyone to get in his way. An accomplished actor, singer-songwriter himself, Lawrence Dandridge took his gifts to the stage, writing, directing, and musically arranging this entire musical!

Since 2010 the musical has grown exponentially. A full soundtrack was recorded, produced by Shaquan Welch. The musical was workshopped by Jordan Murphy and choreographer, Mariel Letourneau, which turned “Something Like A Fairytale” into a more refined, professional, Broadway ready piece of art. It has won 6 awards and been featured in the Thesis Theater Festival. and now it’s heading to the National Black Theater Festival this summer!

Lawrence Dandridge Journey To Broadway:

A dream of his, Lawrence Dandridge envisioned himself on Broadway since he was a child. Attending the prestigious Arts High School of performing arts and touring with Sister Act The Musical as TJ, Lawrence is a student of the craft.

Having starred in several productions himself, Lawrence’s knowledge and plight to get his original piece to Broadway is similar to many who’ve tried before him. Artist like Lin-Manuel Miranda who worked on his musical for over 7 years before getting to Broadway, is similar to what Lawrence is heading.

TheBLACKMedia has witnessed first hand “Something Like A Fairytale” and if the story doesn’t grab you, the music will! It’s an enchanting story within a story centered around a mother telling her daughter the tale of how she and her father came to be. It’s modernly funny, with a magical feel that elevates you into their world. Everything a musical should be, everything Broadway stands for. An escape.

The musical stars: Erica Philpot as Princess Alyse, Melvin Cox as James, Talente Davis as Prince Donovan and it features Kazoani Gonmiah as Nicole. All of whom gave stellar performances and will continue to in this years festival as they did last year.

This is a musical that belongs on the stage, if you wish to help them along Donate Today.

Full Cast:

Erica Philpot, Melvin Cox, Talent Davis, Kazoani Gonmiah, Mimi B. Francis, Danny Echevarria, Jeremiah Trusty, Seychelle Folson, Ashley Leone, Kayla Stewart, Jonathan Drayton, Rob Marrero, Jahyde Love, Ashley Seldon, Alneesha Harris, Jeanel LeBlanc, Veronica Gonmiah, Martin Carpenter, Izryel Mathis, Walalehnon Gonmiah, JayNemar Smith, Jordan Artist, Malcolm Minor, Morgan Mack, Julia Silva, Stephanie Rosario, Marcel Ringold

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