Watch Rihanna, DJ Khaled & Bryson Tiller In “Wild Thoughts” Lit & Free!

DJ Khaled


DJ Khaled did it! For months via social media DJ Khaled said he’d get Rihanna vocals on a record, not only did he get the vocals, but they created a stellar music video! The music video was released Jun 16th 2017 and received millions of views within hours.

The music video features Rihanna, Bryson Tiller, and of course Khaled at a beautiful caribbean party with that salsa feel to it. The song samples that iconic guitar motif from the song “Maria Maria” by Santana.

DJ Khaled “Wild Thoughts”

A very sensual video “Wild Thoughts” gives you a freedom to express yourself. The record reminds you of those early 2000 hit records that made everything feel right. It’s absolutely a summer record, something the clubs will enjoy playing.

Bryson Tiller may have upped his word play bringing him more fans. Rihanna certainly shines in this video has the center point of the male dominated world, she hold her own and carries this song and video to new heights.

Issa Visual Bop!

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