#CTRL By SZA Debuts #3 On Billboard & Drew Barrymore Visually Stuns Us


A Queen Rising!

Singer-songwriter SZA debuts number 3 on Billboard 200 with her debut album #CTRL. Sza’s album has been streamed over 20 million times and the climb continues. The Queen is taking over, planting her feet as the new icon for the millennial Neo-Soul generation to come.

A style icon, SZA has evolved from a hippy girl representing New Jersey to a stylized woman representing art and frustration. #CTRL being a combination of weird vocal pronunciations, synth, bass, and pure lyrics it’s no wonder people can’t stop listening to it!

SZA Drew Barrymore Music Video:

SZA released “Drew Barrymore” music video, which is acting as the 2nd lead single off of #CTRL. The music video, much like her first video “Love Galore” has a whimsical dark tone. You may see someone naked floating above a toilet, you may not, but when you’re dealing with the kid you know you’re going to get something just a little off center.

Dedicated to her love of the actress Drew Barrymore the music video captures a life of carefree existence. A life of euphoria and “what if’s” a fictional atmosphere that’s forever unattainable, but sought after and often imitated by means of forced experiences. During the video we see SZA half naked, and a swift cameo that has everyone talking.

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