How TLC’s “Haters” Music Video Is Everything You’ll Need To Stay Motivated



Super group TLC gear up to release their final album titled “TLC” June 30th 2017. The now duo group has released two singles “Way Back” and “Haters”. Both singles were greeted with millions of fans supporting and enjoying what took them years to create. After TLC crowdfunding this album, fans are happy to finally get it!

Their second single “Haters” is the TLC we’ve always loved! The song speaks to ignoring the haters and being who you are at 100 percent no matter what people say because; “we don’t care about that anyway”. The music video, which shows a diverse group of beautiful people celebrating themselves and each other is the motivation you need to get you through this year!


TLC hit us where we needed it most, the soul with “Way Back” giving us that old school feeling with those signature styles, rhythms and lyrical messages. Fans can’t wait to purchase and stream their final album, which from the looks of it, will be a smash final album.

Leave it to TLC to remind us how to be original and that it’s okay to be who God made you to be. Even in both music videos you can see the “cast” of this music video were also the people in the next music video further promoting unity and community. It’s brilliant and I can’t stop playing it, uplifting my spirit. Forget the haters!


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