“SongVersation: Medicine” India.Arie Announces New EP Release This Friday!



India Arie took to Twitter to announce she has an EP coming out! An extended play is a small group of songs just under a full length album which often acclimates to 60mins or more. The EP which will be about 7 songs (vs a full album of 10 to 15) will feature songs of healing from India.Arie.

Even though healing isn’t new from our Queen, the continuation of SongVersation which was her hit album in 2013, is a package deal! If you think about it, fans got SongVersation the album, the tour, SongVersation the viral chat and community, SongVersation: I AM LIGHT the essay series, and now, SongVersation: Medicine!

SongVersation: Medicine What To Expect:

The EP is set to be released June 30th 2017, this Friday! A surprise from India Arie, many supporters had no idea of this EP. There was even an article exclusive written, but no one had a clue. I know we didn’t, but now we are more excited then ever to receive this medication!

 Fans can expect the single “Breathe”, and “I AM LIGHT” on this EP. The EP is being kicked off the same day India is set to appear at the Essence Music Festival main stage. A lovely bonus for those who will be there. Expect to be healed. Expect to be held until “WORTHY” comes out!


‘SongVersation: Medicine was made to be listened to in a quiet time, prayer, meditation, Yoga. My wish is that these songs brings softness, clarity, calm and inspiration’

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers

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