How India.Arie’s EP “SongVersation: Medicine” Is Healing & Meditation For All


It’s a healing. “SongVersation: Medicine” by India.Arie offers 8 songs of start and play spiritual healing. Once you press play, you will not want to stop listening, your body, your mind, and your soul will start to be fed, good soul food. It’s a food so nourishing, much like the title, it medicates your inner.

Each record is perfectly placed so that the listener can take a journey within themselves. If you meditate, you can introduce this record to your daily routine or start a new. It’s the perfect EP to check yourself, your soul, and offer it a new peace.

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The record starts off reassuring the truth seldom spoken; “I AM LIGHT” because you are, we are. Following the assurance, we rise as a Soulbird to journey to an understanding of the “Light Of The Holy Spirit”. India then reminds us to “Give Thanks”, to never keep it in, instead; “Just Let It Go” and “Breathe”. Like most things, you need sustenance to survive so we feed our souls with; “Chicken Soup In A Song”, ending with the full understanding that “Life IS Good”. It’s the cheapest form of medicine that can heal you.

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