“Another Love Song” Is That Classic Ne-Yo Summer Groove It Lifts You UP!


Ne-Yo’s latest record “Another Love Song” is that classic Ne-Yo we’ve all come to love since his number one hit record “So Sick”. Currently Ne-Yo is enjoying a comfy seat on Jennifer Lopez’s new reality competition “World Of Dance”, but that’s not stopping Ne-Yo from releasing undeniable records.

“Another Love Song” is that top down, summer song that you blast driving, bumping hard on your way to the beach, or to hang with friends. It’s a lasting record that gives a classic feel. Inspired by Michael Jackson, a lot of Ne-Yo’s melodies derive from that Motown sound. It’s a feeling that can’t go wrong.

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“It’s Your Eyes…I Swear They Look At Me And I Hear Melodies…The Sweetest Melodies”

If your a guy listening, play this for your girl, or a girl you like and you’ll be sure to put a smile on her face. NeYo may have another hit on his hands with this one. Acting as the lead single to his 2017 album to come later this year titled “Good Man”, which in an interview Neyo said would be more R&B based rather than pop. Even though Neyo had pop hit records, his albums, and career is based on good music, vs genre, and “Another Love Song” proves that.

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