Chinese Scientist The First To Teleport A Photon To Earth’s Orbit

Chinese Scientist

BBC reported Chinese researchers have successfully teleported a photon to Earth’s orbit! A historic moment for the Chinese, as it’s never been done before. This marks the first documented teleport to Earth’s orbit.

When you think of teleport, you may think of Dragon Ball Z where Goku places his two fingers to his head and disappears to reappear at a different location. While the physical aspect of that ideology is not what’s happened with the photon, the particle interaction with space and time is what did happen.

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Chinese scientist managed to use quantum entanglement; “a process where two particles react as one with no physical connection between them.” If that doesn’t blow your mind, Im not sure what will!

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“It’s really communicating information, on photon on Earth, and the second in the satellite. It’s changing the information content…in a way that’s secure without being tapped into”. -Ian Walmsley

Pretty Cool Right?! While many of us may not understand this scientific breakthrough, it is in fact, a break through. Even though this usage of entanglement has been used before these Chinese scientist, it’s never been used to teleport and change information in Earth’s orbit. But for those of you wondering what quantum entanglement really is, watch this awesome explanation below:

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