Watch Oprah Winfrey Shine In “A Wrinkle In Time” Official Trailer

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey, along with a slew of others star in the Ava Duvernay directed “A Wrinkle In Time”. The official trailer for the film was released July 15th 2017 to hundreds of thousands of retweets, and more. Throughout the magical trailer, the viewer can see, Oprah shines!

Oprah Winfrey stars as Mrs. Which, the protagonist who provides the children in the film with clues to save the day. Mrs. Which, as per the novel, is a light that rarely takes form, but when she does, she appears as Oprah did in the trailer, magnificently!

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“A Wrinkle In Time” is an international classic novel. Many read this book when they were kids, now in adulthood, couldn’t be more excited to see the film. Even though a film was created in 2003, the budget and director of this film is larger, and the director more hungry than ever to make a hit film, and from the trailer, it’s going to be just that!

Although much like the character she is playing, Oprah is a beam of light for many of us. I wonder if this role was difficult for her to get into, considering the similarities.

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