EXCLUSIVE: Yvonne Orji Talks My Black Is Beautiful An Inside Look At The Expo

On Saturday, June 24th, 2017 the BET Experience showcased a hair and beauty expo like no one has ever seen before. New, fresh, and exciting product lines were in attendance and ready to slay, but one expo presentation in particular stood out from the rest, My Black is Beautiful. MBIB is a platform on the rise showcasing what being a beautiful black individual should be represented by and look like when mentioned in the media.

In speaking with My Black is Beautiful ambassador and actress of HBO’s “Insecure,” Yvonne Orji, she goes deep into the discussion of what being beautiful means. “All types of people of color share their own beauty. There is not just one type. She expresses that as MBIB continues to grow as a platform that she believes younger women will learn that it is okay to love the skin that they’re in and flaunt it for the world to see.

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Orji goes on to say, “you can be handsome and look physically attractive, but can you count? Do you know the reading rainbow?”

Yvonne said it best! Being beautiful on the inside is just as important if not more than looking beautiful on the outside. My Black is Beautiful put together a private dinner in downtown LA, hosted by media personality and author, Luvvie Ajayi, and invited The Black Media to attend. We were happy to oblige. It was an upscale and elegant extension of what was presented during the expo. Women from various different esteemed backgrounds were there and it was teatime.

My Black Is Beautiful
Yvonne Orji , Arielle Ryan (TheBLACKMedia Rep)

Even though the dinner was a social networking opportunity it was also a chance for a group of women to truly vent about the pressures and adversities people of color, especially those who are women face daily.

Ms. Luvvie said it herself – “we are celebrating all black women and all their noir pixie dust magic. “ MBIB shift into a platform will address the bias against and within the black community, and The Black Media is here to support. Throughout the BET awards, we were able to see that MBIB is starting strong and is most likely here to stay.

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