‘Girls’ Trip’ Smashes Box Office Opening Weekend 30 Million+ Times Making It A Hit Comedy!

Girls Trip

The numbers are in and ‘Girls Trip’ is America’s number one comedy! Coming in at number 2 on the box office list at over 30 million opening weekend, its the only comedy with that top placement, with Dunkirk (drama/thriller) at number one.

The Malcolm D. Lee directed, Kenya Barris written screenplay stars Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall, and Tiffany Haddish. One of the first full female lead cast that features all women of colour to have such success. A universal film, ‘Girls’ Trip’ is a fun comedy, rated at a; “hard R” its a film to enjoy with your friends.


With a 20 million dollar budget, Girls Trip has surpassed their spending in only three days of opening! Considering the weekday, next weekend, and that there aren’t many comedies out, Girls Trip has room to make even more money. And for those living in the prehistoric ages; “its for girls, its not for men..” type people, it was written by a Man!

With an amazing press run from all of the women, this film is already a classic. From grape-fruiting, to weak bladders, this movie is for anyone willing to laugh. That’s what friends are for right? Get your tickets today to see why America can’t stop laughing!

Opening in less theaters than the top five movies on the box office list, and beating most of them out, I say Girls Trip is a force. Seen in 1,129 less theaters than Dunkirk, this movie is a testimony to Black Power.

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