That’s The Gag: Keke Palmer Creates A Hilarious Digital Series On Youtube 

Waiting is over, if you want something, create it and put it out yourself. Keke Palmer gears up to release a much anticipated web-series “That’s The Gag”, July 26th via Youtube. The originator of “the gag is” popularity phrase, Keke is thinking franchise!

The series is a short comedy that shows Keke Palmer on an exaggerated level in situations that will make us laugh, but also see the gag: an old phrase that goes in and out of popularity that simply means; the truth, the real, the actual. Keke may have something with this.

DISCOVER: Keke Palmer Explain The Gag

Keke’s new digital series features her mother Sharon Palmer, and together they play off each other’s energy in this new comedy. From the trailer you can tell it’s a passion project that was shot amateurly. Even though the latter may be true, the concept, trailer, and plot of the series is worthy of watching.

Keke Palmer knows how to keep a job. One of the few Blacktresses to consistently work since 2004. Even though she has a bit on her plate, muva is eating it up and serving us quality meals for the eyes and ears. Keke will be featured in season two of Berlin Station, performing her new single, and coming out with two films later this year. She’s a busy Queen!

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