How Lil Duval Sparked Trans Conversation & By His Logic We Should All Be Murdered

Lil Duval

Comedian Lil Duval is the latest hot topic for his deplorable comments about the advocacy of murdering trans people. Duval’s public support/recommendation to anyone who may have slept with a trans person and discovered that fact after sex is to murder them. This ideology sparked a lot of trans conversation that otherwise wouldnt’ve been had.

While thank you’s are not permitted, there is a silver lining that Duval and The Breakfast Club (although the interview has been removed) garnered: trans talk at the forefront. After Duval’s statement on The Breakfast Club social media went wild, and the comedian trended for hours. While many agreed with Duval, many didn’t, but it was his defending his derogative statements as a privileged cis male that sparked further thinking from TheBLACKMedia.

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According to Lil Duval; “when you take away somebodies power of choice it should be criminal”. At the surface and in the abyss of this trans reveal conversation is the thread of sin, and that sin is Lying.

Lil Duval’s ideology: if you sleep with a trans person and they did not reveal to you before hand that they were trans, they lied to you and he would murder them. His continued point is when you’re lied to its criminal, can psychologically damage you, and you can’t control the outcome of this damage, which in his case would be murder.

To Duval’s defense, lying can lead to psychological damage and you can’t control another’s reaction, but using his ideology of murdering someone, shouldn’t we all be dead? How many people have you lied to? How many lies have you been told? How did someone lying to you effect you psychologically? But as Duval said; “when you take away somebodies power of choice it should be criminal”, let’s explore that.

A Lie: An Intentionally False Statement That Will Strip The Power Of Choice Away From Another.

When we lie to each other we cage, trap, and strip choice from the other. If a man cheats on his wife and lies about it, he is caging this woman, trapping her and stripping her of the choice to leave or stay. If a man cheats and tells his wife, he is giving her choice, respecting her psychological balance and allowing the truth to exist atmospherically. Should that man be prisoned for lying? It’s criminal right?

Using Lil Duval’s logic, if a woman is psychologically damaged from her husbands lie(s) should she kill him and defend why she did it? Should that be okay? Should the courts understand that she killed a criminal because he lied? It shouldn’t, it’s not, and she’d go to prison for murder. Liars exist everywhere in the world, not just in this trans reveal conversation, but in schools, corporations, television, church and more, but there is no advocacy for murdering liars.

Furthermore, trans people are not grouped as one thought, they are individual human beings who exist in a world where telling someone upfront they are trans can lead to defamatory statements, abuse, and documented death. So this idea that trans people should be made to tell their transhood right away is an unsafe ideology that can land a lot more trans in hospitals and death beds.

Trans people should be able to reveal whom they are as a proud trans person once they feel safe. While there are trans people who’s goal is to trick, or distort another’s view of them for selfish reasons, we live in a world of sin, death, hate and evil people exist, it doesn’t mean we group all under one thought. If it did then Black people would still be oppressed. ..oh wait…we are!

Enslavement: Stealing someone’s power of choice.

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