HBO Renewed iNSECURE For Another Season After Nearly Tripling In Viewership

Insecure – Episode 6: Issa Rae. photo: Anne Marie Fox/HBO

Critically acclaimed as one of thee funniest comedies on television, INSECURE gets renewed for a 3rd season only 3 episodes into the second season! To say it’s not a hit, would be a lie, its a smash! Not only is Issa Rae making history, she’s providing quality for people of colour.

Averaging about 400,000 viewers on HBO each premiere episode of Season one, HBO renewed the hit show for another season. Nearly tripling the viewership, season two of INSECURE averages about 1,100,000 viewers an episode! Talk about the power of promotion and streaming!


Seems like over the summer a lot more people got hip to the show and they showed up during the live premier of season two episodes. So much so that in just three episodes aired, HBO renewed the comedy for a season three!! Winning is an understatement. Issa Rae’s Announcement:

An Interview With Issa:

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