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The Only Black Owned Media Outlet Exclusively Catered To The Afrikan Diaspora, With No Rumors, Gossip, Or Negativity. A Community Of More Than 1 Million SOULdiers Enjoying Positive Articles Of Colour In Entertainment And News.

Now Seeking Press Opportunities.

Tahir C. Register, Owner of The BLACK Media, LLC a multi-service entertainment company, created in 2013. In 4 short years, Register received overwhelming support from readers, and big name celebrities in the industry like; Missy Elliott, Jennifer Lopez, David Banner, Tisha Campbell, Hill Harper, Tyrese, Erica Campbell, Mary Mary, India.Arie, Algebra Blessett, and Toni Braxton to name a few.

Being the first in his family to graduate from college, this Bachelor Degree holding creative started on his own a media outlet that thousands depend on for news. With over 1 million viewers, visitors, shares, and comments, Tahir C. Register is nothing short of amazing. A stellar public speaker, a humorous character, and multi-talented photographer, actor, and singer-songwriter, Register is a force. Having written over 1,000 articles, Register is now looking for press opportunities and you can help with that!

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“Invite me. Ask me. Allow me to teach what I know. I have loads of information and an amazing story to share, let’s turn the camera’s around on me and shine a spotlight on a hardworking creative!” – TCR

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If you’re interested in booking TheBLACKMedia to cover your event. Simply use the email above. TheBLACKMedia’s accommodations are as follows: Free Entry(+1), Video/Photo access, Backstage, Before & After Event coverage, and if too far accommodated travel arrangements. TheBLACKMedia holds the rights to post (or not post) coverage based on experience.

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