Beyonce releases a self-titled Visual Album And Sells 80k in 3hrs on iTunes @Beyonce @iTunesMusic LOOK

Beyonce releases a self-titled Visual Album exclusively on iTunes @Beyonce LOOK:




Beyonce releases a self-titled Visual Album exclusively on iTunes! And according to Billboard tweets; Beyonce sold 80,000 copies in less than four hours! The album features JayZ, Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, Drake, Frank Ocean, and Pharrell Williams to name a few! Not to mention she features Blue Ivy!!!

Only Beyonce could surprise the world like this!

“I see music, its more then just what I hear…”

“…I wanted people to hear the songs with the story in my head…”

“…I remember seeing thriller on my tv with my family, it was an event, we all sat around the tv…”

“now people only listen to a few seconds of a song on their ipods….its all about the single and the hype….”

“I wanted to make this body of work and I feel like its something thats lost in pop music…Not just listen to a 10sec clip, but actually see the whole vision of the album”

“I wanted everyone to see the whole picture, and to see how everything is personal to me….”

“And that’s why its out today…”

The album is great! The visuals are stunning, this doesn’t seem like a quick release. It seems like Beyonce thought this through and surprised everyone perfectly.

          There are 14 songs and 17 visuals making this a full length album. Singles she has released are not on this album, so I’m assuming there’s another “official” album coming soon after in 2014, but what a way to END THE YEAR!

Merry Christmas is in order don’t ya think!?

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