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Writer: tahir register

Date: september 23, 2014

Published: 5:20pm


Kendrick Lamar’s new record is FIRE! Chuck the turn up records, chuck the meaningless lyrics, and get in to this! Lamar’s new record “I” which samples the Isley Brother’s “Who’s That Lady” is what Hiphop is all about. Hiphop is about the real, the

10606430_10152770810693092_774279714617686546_ntruth, and the community. Now-a-days it seems hard to incorporate that all into one, but Kendrick has had the answer ever since he came out. Now with this explosive music driven record, I’m sure the charts will show him some love. Kendrick’s new record is a sort of mantra, affirming to ones self “…I been through a whole lot, trails, tribulations, but I know God……I love myself!” There’s speed rapping, good bass lines, great melody, interesting voice variations and more. Not to mention the outro instrumental break!!! The art work of the record even represents unity. There’s one man wearing blue with a hanging blue flag, and another with the red flag and outfit, both putting up a heart formed with their hands to show peace, love and unity. This record will have you more turnt than trap music at the strip club! Don’t believe me? Give it a listen below:

Make sure you click PURCHASE above to buy the single on iTunes. Get ready for what Kendrick has next because if he is leading with this, just imagine what his album is going to be like!

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