Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968) Happy Martin Luther King Day! Let’s Drive Out Hate Today READ:


For me, It’s all about the photo. Blogs, websites, and people all over social networks constantly post and repost photos of great leaders during their time of death or birth or in remembrance. Often times the photo is shared 100,000 times over with no real significance other than; “Look at me I honored him by posting a photo…” followed by a twerking video. Now, I don’t know how many times this photo has been shared, but the reason why I posted this photo in remembrance of The King is because of the message in his eyes.

Martin Luther King Jr was a passionate man. He was a passive man, who stood for, and was strict about living a non-violent life. And this photo captures his essence. The sorrow in his eyes is followed by great determination. The confusion his brows make show that he is seeking an answer…more than likely the answer to the most coveted question in the Human Race…WHY? All of that combined with the relaxation his face gives lets us know he is comfortable, and unmoved by what he is looking at, the future perhaps…And that’s why I honor him.

This photo represents Martin Luther King Jr. and all that he has done and will continue to do in his absence from Earth in Heaven. Let’s drive out hate today, force it out, make an effort to be free from anything that keeps us from support and love of one another. Starting at home, then branching out to everyone else, if we at least start today, we can build up a habit and eventually live our lives hate-free and happily.



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