TheBLACKMedia.org and newly founded company Daneen ColemanROW bring to you an inspiring challenge! 32 days of encouragement!!

This challenge is strictly for Instagram, which you can share via Twitter and Facebook once you’ve posted on Instagram with the hashtags #32DOE and #32DaysOfEncouragement.

The reason we call it a challenge is because it will be a test of your will to encourage someone via social media every day for 32 days. Too often there are nasty memes that people consider funny, there are too many fights, murders, abuse, and negativity posted on social media, and we want to change the minds of our youth and each other by encouraging people to STOP POSTING NEGATIVE THINGS ON SOCIAL MEDIA, uplift and encourage one another.

After the challenge you will be contacted for a short interview to give your feed back on your experience with the 32 Days of Encouragement, which will be posted on TheBLACKMedia.org

Post the flyer below on Instagram with the hash tags listed and ask your people to join in!

Simply click the picture below download and share!


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