[PHOTOS] Kean University Terroristic & Racist Tweets About Killing Black People At Kean


The #KeanUTerror Someone created the twitter handle @KeanUAgainstBLK and started writing terrible things. Around 10 this morning the twitter handled was suspended, which if you ask me was stupid, how then are you to find them if you have no idea where the IP address of those tweets are coming from? The first tweet among several was; “Kean University Twitter Against Blacks Is For Everyone Who Hates Blacks”. Something must happen and quickly.

Threats to people of colour is nothing to glance over. It’s a serious issue that must be stopped. Considering a disturb white young man walked into a church in South Carolina and massacred Afrikan Americans because he hated them, and the History of whites killing people of colour is so strong, whomever this is must be arrested! Quickly!

“They don’t care about your life, they don’t care, they don’t care ” – Chanted Right Before The Twitter Account Was Made According To Kean University Student

Update: 11:06am Nov 18th

Kean University, unfortunately is still open. Parents are enraged. Parents and Students have been complaining through Facebook and Twitter that a bomb threat closed down airplanes, and other schools in the past, but Kean is still open?! Parents have taken some kids out of school, urged some to stay inside, and stay alert. I wonder if it has to do with the threat being just towards BLACK people. I wonder if the threat was against white folk would the school still be open. Considering white people make up the majority of Kean, it causes you to question…

Last night, Apparently Kean University students gathered peacefully before the threats in a planned Student Camp Out According To @ZellieImani. Because of this protest, it seems as if someone created the twitter handle, and started tweeting disgusting things. According to Kean University’s twitter account, security has been pumped up, and the situation at hand is being taken care of. Some students were still camping out, and unafraid, while others are in deep concern.

Nigel Donald [campus president] tweeted to students, “I’m asking Kean students as your student leader to not attend classes tomorrow as recent threats have been made against the campus.”

The fact that whomever this person is, white, black, latino, whatever, had 30+ followers, and retweets, which appeared to be bought retweets, was sick! I’ve at’d and tweeted my blog post to everyone I could think of with a major news outlet because something “small” like this can be overlooked, but when whomever this is, does what they say they want to do…then it’s major news…We must get in the habit of stopping things before THEY HAPPEN…especially when it comes to #BLACKLIVESMATTER …


Hopefully whomever is involved doesn’t take these threats lightly..This is a serious Matter…

Students Are Scared…And They Should Be…But Who’s Protecting Them? Campus PD? The FBI? Who Will Make Campus Students Feel Safe?! This is a serious issue and the higher ups must get involved…A student even reported that someone was yelling “obscenities at them before the twitter account was made”…So maybe the Twitter Account Holder Is A Student At Kean University …

Apparently last night, Protest Have Begun. Considering the nationwide protest Afrikan Americans recently took part in that shook the nation I think it’s appropriate for Kean University to join the ranks. This must end today!

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