[#CONSPIRACYTHEORY] Kean University Twitter Threats ALLEGEDLY Created By Afrikan American Alum THOUGHTS:


It’s a shame how we throw people away over an allegation…

Bill Cosby comes to mind when I think about how fast people of colour have lynched this young woman. Kayla-Simone McKelvey who was a recent graduate of Kean and a fierce advocate for Black Rights allegedly created the twitter account and threats to Kean University’s campus. Within hours of the reports surfacing hundreds of people posted all sorts of defaming things about this beautiful college educated young woman. There was only one who came to her defense, long-time friend Gerard Smithwrick, he writes;

“I’m going to say this once. I may be one of the only few who will say but it is what it is. KAYLA MCKELVEY IS INNOCENT. That is my sister, not by blood but in by heart, and I know her very very well. She has been “accused” but there is no specific proof which directly links her to this crime, and of all people, she would NEVER do anything like this. This is our 2014 Homecoming Queen and former president of the Pan-African Student Union. We graduated this May 2015 together, and spoke at the African American Graduation Ceremony together. She is the biggest advocate for the rights of Black students at Kean University, and the Black Community that I know. She was one of the top student leaders on-campus along with myself and many others. She met with administrators and myself to advocate on behalf of Black students, and to improve our MLK statue on-campus and Black History Month celebrations. She is the image and example of a strong, intelliegent, hard working, goal oriented, and respectable Black women and scholar with integrity. I spoke to her today and I believe her 100%. Yall can put me on record if you want to. Kayla is innocent….”

Sandra Bland was also a fierce advocate for Black Rights and supporting similar things the students at Kean University supported the night of the #KeanUTerror. Sandra was murdered and made to look like a suicidal woman. Kayla, who’s front picture on most reports makes her out to physically look unlike her normal self, and with confusing remarks from higher ups it makes you wonder what’s actually going on. If she turns up missing, she didn’t want to kill herself. According to Dr. Dawood Farahi’s remarks sent Dec 1st;


To say someone has been identified means that they have be founded, which means, in short, they did it right…?


So explain this to me. According to acting-Union County prosecutor Grace Park, Kayla was charged via summons which means they have not been identified or said to have committed the crime, it simply means they have been accused and must wait their due process in court. In the next paragraph Grace Park, who’s seemingly an Asian woman, made Kalya out to be self-proclaiming when according to close friends and alum of Kean she was the head of the Afrikan student union, and often supported Black rights, information I found within minutes of this story, but ok Grace, I see you…

The next paragraph states a strong ALLEGEDLY when in Dr. Farahi’s statement he said the suspect was identified and charged…ok. If you say someone allegedly created an account and in the very next sentence says “after making the post, Mckelvey immediately returned to the rally…” what you’re stating is, she made the post and returned, you’re not saying sources say, or an additional allegedly, you are stating facts at this point, which have NOT been proven. To end with “…she allegedly had just fabricated.” makes readers, even me, feel like she is guilty, when what you should be doing to ensure dignity and quality of her life is saying to the people we have a suspect who we’ve charged and will be tried in court. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less, but this smear campaign is the reason this may very well be a conspiracy theory. Don’t get me wrong, is it possible that white supremacist aren’t puppeteering this situation? Yes…but a small possibility.

Of course it’s the Black girl who created the account to incite the rally, who wouldn’t dive into that story? But what about the screams and taunts heard before the twitter account was created by white students on campus? Why did this information get reported before she was actually found guilty? Or is she a pawn in a bigger scheme of things to make Afrikan Americans look even worse than they already do in the media. There are many coons who are bought out, feared into doing things, or brainwashed into believing they are better just like slave owners would do to “good slaves” vs the “bad slaves”. Hiring people of colour made them feel powerful and needed and they often turned their backs on the ones they loved because of their weak mentality. Or maybe Kayla was so fed up with being targeted that she did what many have done in the past to shake up and incite the people, I mean the government does it all the time…My point…think about it all before casting someone out, we are ALL INNOCENT until proven GUILTY…

I digress…


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