Kean University Twitter Threats Allegedly Created By Afrikan American Alum

Kean University Twitter

Bill Cosby comes to mind when I think about how fast people of colour have lynched this young woman. Kayla-Simone McKelvey who was a recent graduate of Kean and a fierce advocate for Black Rights allegedly created the twitter account and threats to Kean University’s campus. Within hours of the reports surfacing hundreds of people posted all sorts of defaming things about this beautiful college educated young woman. There was only one who came to her defense, long-time friend Gerard Smithwrick, he writes;

“I’m going to say this once. I may be one of the only few who will say but it is what it is. KAYLA MCKELVEY IS INNOCENT. That is my sister, not by blood but in by heart, and I know her very very well. She has been “accused” [of the Kean University Twitter rants] but there is no specific proof which directly links her to this crime, and of all people, she would NEVER do anything like this. This is our 2014 Homecoming Queen and former president of the Pan-African Student Union. We graduated this May 2015 together, and spoke at the African American Graduation Ceremony together. She is the biggest advocate for the rights of Black students at Kean University, and the Black Community that I know. She was one of the top student leaders on-campus along with myself and many others. She met with administrators and myself to advocate on behalf of Black students, and to improve our MLK statue on-campus and Black History Month celebrations. She is the image and example of a strong, intelliegent, hard working, goal oriented, and respectable Black women and scholar with integrity. I spoke to her today and I believe her 100%. Yall can put me on record if you want to. Kayla is innocent….”

Sandra Bland was also a fierce advocate for Black Rights and supporting similar things the students at Kean University supported the night of the #KeanUTerror. Sandra was murdered and made to look like a suicidal woman. Kayla, who’s front picture on most reports makes her out to physically look unlike her normal self, and with confusing remarks from higher ups it makes you wonder what’s actually going on. If she turns up missing, she didn’t want to kill herself. According to Dr. Dawood Farahi’s remarks sent Dec 1st;

To say someone has been identified means that they have be founded, which means, in short, they did it right…?

So explain this to me. According to acting-Union County prosecutor Grace Park, Kayla was charged via summons which means they have not been identified or said to have committed the crime, it simply means they have been accused and must wait their due process in court. In the next paragraph Grace Park, who’s seemingly an Asian woman, made Kalya out to be self-proclaiming when according to close friends and alum of Kean she was the head of the Afrikan student union, and often supported Black rights, information I found within minutes of this story, but ok Grace, I see you…

Kean University Twitter Alleged Status:

The next paragraph states a strong ALLEGEDLY when in Dr. Farahi’s statement he said the suspect was identified and charged…ok. If you say someone allegedly created an account and in the very next sentence says “after making the post, Mckelvey immediately returned to the rally…” what you’re stating is, she made the post and returned, you’re not saying sources say, or an additional allegedly, you are stating facts at this point, which have NOT been proven. To end with “…she allegedly had just fabricated.” makes readers, even me, feel like she is guilty, when what you should be doing to ensure dignity and quality of her life is saying to the people we have a suspect who we’ve charged and will be tried in court. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less, but this smear campaign is the reason this may very well be a conspiracy theory. Don’t get me wrong, is it possible that white supremacist aren’t puppeteering this situation? Yes, but the Kean University Twitter scandal holds a bigger picture than just this event.

Of course it’s the Black girl who created the account to incite the rally, who wouldn’t dive into that story? But what about the screams and taunts heard before the twitter account was created by white students on campus? Why did this information get reported before she was actually found guilty? Or is she a pawn in a bigger scheme of things to make Afrikan Americans look even worse than they already do in the media. There are many coons who are bought out, feared into doing things, or brainwashed into believing they are better just like slave owners would do to “good slaves” vs the “bad slaves”. Hiring people of colour made them feel powerful and needed and they often turned their backs on the ones they loved because of their weak mentality. Or maybe Kayla was so fed up with being targeted that she did what many have done in the past to shake up and incite the people, I mean the government does it all the time…My point…think about it all before casting someone out, we are ALL INNOCENT until proven GUILTY…The Kean University Twitter scandal will have an ending.

I digress…

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  1. Kayla most definitely did it. She was also the same person who left an empty pill bottle, and a suicide note on her dresser for her roommate to find. (Because her roommate told her she wanted nothing do with her because she is a liar. ) Then when her roommate called the police they search high and low for her. When they found her she was at a friend’s house down the street. She said her reason for doing it was because it was a class experiment-_-. Long story short her roommate asked to switch rooms. The school covered up what Kayla did because her ex step mother is the head of student residency. Kayla is also the person who said she was pregnant before and admitted to being raped, however her story never added up and was again-for atttention… you can say innocent before proven guilty all you want.but people who know her knows she is very capable of doing this. She won homecoming queen by default because she got the only other female candidate disqualified. Some people look for any type of attention, whether negative or positive. It’s unfortunate that her need to seek attention has not only embarrassed our school but has humiliated the black community. Not to mention the others schools who were “really” in danger. When things like this happen it makes it harder for people to raise awareness for things that really are a problem. You can chose to defend her if you want, but she needs to be an example. Especially since she wanted to be the voice of the black people..and this is not our voice.

  2. Bringing up other instances of possible malice on Kayla’s part is unnecessary sticking to this situation, there is a possibility she did do it, but there’s also a possibility she didn’t I’m asking all to consider all sides before choosing one. Sources close to Kayla say her character and strength is not that of what the media is portraying her to be, they also says she was unaware of this outbreak and she has not talked to the police or anyone yet, however she has received a summons, innocent until proven guilty. If she’s guilty…truly guilty, she will be handled, but the revolution must still go on. If she is innocent, will you speak as boldly as you are now?

  3. My coworkers and I spoke to Campus Police and he said Kayla confessed to creating that Twitter account. She confessed to sending out those tweets, but obviously they wouldn’t publicize that information because of how much worse it’ll make her – and Kean – look. The cop also brought up that there are cameras in the library and that Kayla was on camera around the same time those tweets went out. The computer she was using matched the IP address those tweets originated from. I get that it seems impossible for her to be guilty of this, but at the same time, it makes sense. She wanted to bring attention to the BLM cause, but she did it in one of the worst ways imaginable.

    Also, your use of the phrase “I digress…” is wrong and out of context.

  4. My use of I digress…is used appropriately please look up the definition. And most of what you said is hearsay, look that up too. Also, if you’d read the article for understanding you’d know my questioning is just that. Questioning everything and not relying on “the system” or white folk to determine the end results. There are several people I know close to this situation who are stating the exact opposite of what you’re reporting. Simply put innocent until proven guilty, if so…then that’s what it shall be. Im just never quick to count one of MY OWN out just because “it makes sense”.

  5. Bringing up other instances are necessary. Mostly because the testify to her character. I hope you will speak up as boldy as you do now when they release the video footage. It’s hard for you to even consider her doing such a thing. But in actuality this will hurt you more because you so blindly follow and take her word. So I hope you receive the answers you’re looking. And most importantly when she is proven guilt, I hope you have sense enough to take the truth for what it is. Everything is not a conspiracy. Everything is not a set up. Sometimes things are exactly the way they appear to be. It’s unfortunate that when things like this happen, it makes it harder for real conspiracy to be believed and takenot seriously. There is no way that as soon as this news hit main stream that the majority of people believed she did it. Everyone can’t be wrong. It’s like I said the first time. People who know Kayla, knows she is very capable of doing this.

  6. I do not know this woman. I do not follow her, nor have I spoken to her to “take her word”. I also do not defend her, you cannot understand my article this is clear to me now. It’s not for everyone. Only woke people understand the method to my sanity. This article, for the last time, is not about defending whether she “did it” or not, its about making sure people of colour DONT ALWAYS ASSUME so quickly that what “white folk” and “the system” says is “the truth” is actually TRUTH…QUESTION EVERYTHING before we hang our own. If you cannot understand this, please stop leaving comments. You say “everything is not a conspiracy” as if you know me well enough to know about my views on life. This is my FIRST and ONLY conspiracy article ever!!! You are ignorant to who I am, this is also clear, stop assuming. Sometimes things are exactly as they appear to be, which also means sometimes they are NOT. Everyone can’t be wrong…another sad generalization on your part. Millions still believe Jesus Christ is nothing more than a fable…but they MUST be right too? Just because a lot of people believe one thing, dont make it true. Again…QUESTION EVERYTHING. The people i know who know her…think otherwise…What I think about the situation…not her, because i dont know her, but this situation…IS CLEARLY written. Sorry you cannot grasp it. But thanks for reading. Another impression for me! Be well

  7. I think the purpose of having a blog is to take into consideration everyone’s side and it’s clear you dont. And its also very ignorant of you to assume that I or any one else that commented doesn’t usually defend our people. In fact its insulting. You have no idea who I am, what I studied in school, whether I traveled to conferences that highlight the African American in today’s society. You don’t know my beliefs or what I stand up for for that matter. You claim that people need to wake up, but yet you know nothing about me. But it’s clear that when people comment with the intent to state and opinion, your first line of business is to shoot them down. Because they disagree with what you wrote. Not to say they dont understand it, BUT DISAGREE. I find it ironic that you speak of issues within out black community but criticise our right to disagree with other. That within itself is a problem. To strip us of the right to think..I don’t blindly follow anyone. But it’s clear that someone who is supposed to unbiased, clearly is. Lastly, you don’t have to ever worry about me commenting on your blog again, I realize now the type of blog I’m on, “YOUR WORD-YOUR OPINION IS THE LAST AND FINAL THOUGHT..and that’s not to say I’m upset, it’s just to say, I now understand that we as a people are in more trouble than I thought.

    And by the way, I don’t need a lesson in African Studies, or what’s wrong with our people. I major in English literature with a double minor in African American and Women Studies.

    So thank you for this experience on your word press blog.

    -A Former Impressed KU Student.

  8. What’s clear is that you have no idea what you’re talking about. None of what you wrote is the truth, at all. You are clearly lost and unable to comprehend my simple thoughts to you, and anyone else. I welcome all opinions, you left a comment, I defended my opinion. That’s it. Nothing more nothing less. My opinion matters to me, so I defended it. It’s an open opinion, full of questions and concerns. Who you are, is not of my concern, what you said about my article is…so I responded, its clear you cannot take my honesty and knowledge and that’s ok, many can’t. Its high level thinking. I get it. It’s ok to disagree with what i wrote. And its ok for me to believe what you say…is wrong, and unintelligent. That’s life …Be well whomever you are…I hope you find peace within yourself and understanding and knowledge and reading for comprehension. It’s an excellent tool.

  9. With people like you, there is no hope. Why don’t you go live someplace else in the world. We would be much better off without you living here in the US.

  10. I own an operate a blog that shows people of colour in the proper light. I do not post fight videos, gossip or rumors, and I call my audience to QUESTION EVERYTHING and not trash talk our people when they are in the media before knowing the entire truth. This blog helps thousands…The world is a greater place because I am here, a child of God a servant of the people. Thanks for reading!

  11. What Is The B.L.A.C.K Media?

    NO LIES…. (lol)

    No Gossip, No Negativity, No Fight Videos, No Slander, Only Positive Posts, Posts That Will Get You To Think, And of course all things in B.L.A.C.K Entertainment! This is…!

  12. Censoring your critics. You have no idea how the real world operates.

    What Is The B.L.A.C.K Media?

    NO LIES….(lol)

    No Gossip, No Negativity, No Fight Videos, No Slander, Only Positive Posts, Posts That Will Get You To Think, And of course all things in B.L.A.C.K Entertainment! This is…!

  13. Yes, and I’ve deleted you last message, and Did not read it. As a blogger, I make the rules about what I’m “supposed” to do. No one else does, and our talk was nice, but I’m done now. Anything more you write…will be deleted. Spammed etc.

  14. The world is not TheBLACKMedia…I own this, I can do and say what I want. A blog based on my opinion is a journal of sorts that I control, If I wanted comments on a post, I can choose to make that available, if I don’t I can choose not to. That’s how the world works. What you own, IS YOURS lol have a blessed day!

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