[VIDEO] Rare Interview Erykah Badu At Sway In The Morning Talks New Mixtape, SoulTrain Awards & MORE:


Erykah Badu rarely does interviews but she blessed Sway this morning…

Erykah talks being an observer, being connected and aware of the frequencies and vibrations. being a doula and delivering over 40 babies, her new single “Phone Down” and mixtape “But You Caint Use My Phone”, hosting the Soul Train Awards for the second time, and seizing the moment. Erykah even talks about how the beautiful smells Sway inhaled were coming from her VAGINA!! Queen-Ish! She even promised to come back to DJ on Sway December 2nd…I’ll be listening! You know those rare interviews that just makes you smile watch:

“…Phone Down…you know like when people are at the show and they all — they have their phones up? And they’re — they’re hmm uhh — filming it, they’re watching you through, a device…we’re right here….”

She Too ill….

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